Me and My Dinosaur 2 Game

Me and My Dinosaur 2

Coming Soon: Fun puzzle platforming adventures!

Embark on an exciting journey with Hunter and his dinosaur companion, Rex! Escape hordes of enemies and defeat huge bosses all while collecting sweet items, earning achievements, and uncovering secrets!

Release Date: Release date is yet to be confirmed.

Available on: Browser

Critics Rating: 4.0/5

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Dino mayhem!

Rex may seem like just a cute face, but he has a ton of hidden talents. Barrel over enemies with Rex's invulnerability, eat some hot chilli peppers to unleash Rex's inner dragon, or chow down on some beans for fart-propelled dinosaur-launching action!

Awesome puzzles!

Alternate between multiple characters and use items to solve a large variety of platforming-based puzzles. With help from Rex, you can manipulate your environment to traverse even the most difficult terrain.

Whimsical animated cutscenes!

Fully voiced cutscenes help immerse you in Me and My Dinosaur 2's classic story. Cute and memorable characters populate Hunter's world, creating an experience you'll want to revisit time and time again.

Fantastic environments!

Travel alongside Hunter and his dinosaur through beautifully illustrated and interactive environments. With dozens of levels spanning multiple settings, from magical forests and eerie caves to bustling cities and gorgeous beaches, your eyes and ears will be delighted every step of the way.


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Me and My Dinosaur 2 is developed by Madsoft Games.